Gübre pompası kullanım alanları

Manure separator feeding application;

Usually, sewage submesible pumps are used as manure separator feeding pumps. The submesible pumps are not suitable for transferring the solid-liquid manure. The main problem with thesekinds of pumps is that the fibrous substances in the manure get tangled around the impeller and block the pump. The submersible type pumps require consistent maintenance.

Vogelsang manure pumps are perfectly suitable for the manure separator feeding application. There are rubber-coated lobes in the rotary lobe pumps instead of the impeller. The maintenance is much easier. The lobe pumps operate on the ground near the pool, not in the manure pit. Therefore, it’s easy and quick to intervene the pumps. Additional stone holder and manure shredder units (Rotacut) can be connected to the suction line of the pump.It is obligatory to use manure shredders if it is not possible to avoid foreign materials in the manure pit. Substances other than the manure, such as concrete pieces, balls of bale wires or straws and cow placenta can make the manure pump dysfunctional and damage the manure separator.

Gübre seperatoru besleme

Rotacut protects the pump and the manure separator.


Submersible type pumps and L-type pumps operate in the pool so they are not suitable to protect with a stone holder or shredder in the sucking process.




Manure Tanker filling application;

Commonly the Vogelsang pumps are used for charging the manure spreading tankers very fast. The pump is suitable to use as stationary at a place close to the manure pit ortiedonto the tanker for mobile use.

Gübre Tankeri dolumuThe lobe pumps used as assembled on the manure tanker driven by the tractor axle (PTO) or by the tractor hydraulic system. The pump tankers can make circulation in the tank. The pump tankers can be used as a mobile pump system. Direct pumping to a lagoon 100 m distant is possible through the use of the pipe line or the hose.


Vogelsanglobe pumps can reach up to 16 bars of pressure depending on the model. Separated liquid manure can be pressurized and used for washing the cow houses. By this way, the water consumption in the barns is minimized.

Ahır Yıkama

Discharging multiple manure pits with a single mobile pump unit

Mobile use of Vogelsang manure pumps is very common. In farms where there are several manure pits, it is possible to discharge all the pits by transferring the manure from one pit to another, through the mobile lobe pump unit placed on the trailer.

The manure pump can be fixed at the midpoint between two pits in cases where the distance between the pits is less than 35-40 meters. Vogelsang pumps are able to suck from long distances.

Mixing the manure pit

Lobe pumps can be used for mixing and homogenizingmanure pits. Scabbed manure whose surface is hardened requires mixing at certain intervals. If the manure is mixed at least once a day and kept sufficiently in the pit, it becomes fermented and the rate of corrosion is highly decreased. Therefore, the efficiency it will provide for the soil gets increased.

The most suitable method of mixing the manure is to use a manure mixer. The manure mixers are not used in some of the farms because of economic reasons. Vogelsang pumps can be used as manure mixers in such cases.

Vogelsang manure pump is the most ideal pump to solid-liquid thick manure. The manure sucked at the bottom of the pit is sprayed on the scabbed layer with high pressure so that it is homogenized.

If not pre-mixed, then only the liquid part of manure is transferred before the pit is completelydischarged. It is much harder and more costly to discharge the pit full of the solidified manure.

Using manure pumps for mixing instead of using manure mixers is more costly in terms of maintenance and energy.

Emergency pumps

There are several manure pits larger than a certain size. The manure pumps must work constantly as the pits get filled up quickly because of the raining in the winter time. If the capacities of the manure pumps are not enough or if they do not work for some reason, there will be great problems in the farm. The mobile manure pumps placed on the trailer provide great help as emergency manure pumps.

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