The Advantages of Organic Manure

Organik Gübrenin Avantajları

The organic manure has many benefits for the agriculture, the nature, the farmers and the consumers.

  •  Organic manure increases the cell divison and the growth in the plant. The plant will give a yield earlier.
  • The cancellous quality and the water holding qaulity will develop. The resistance of the plant and the soil against drought increases through natural fertilization.
  • It allows water to flow seperately from the surface of the soil by creating a thick fibrous structure on the surface. Therefore the plant needs less water.
  •  It creates a soil resistant against the threat of erosion.
  • The plant gains resistance against the harmful pest and insects.
  • The organic manure makes the soil fertile through the necessary minerals which are found in it.
  •  It increases the permeability of the soil and allows the soil receive the air and water easier.
  • The organic manure darkens the color of the soil so the soil can absorb more sunlight.
  • It increases the macro-nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a balanced amount. It spreads the nitrogen that’s given to the soil in a balanced way.
  • It enriches the soil bacteriologically.
  • It melts the lime that the water can not melt and uses the carbondioxide that’s released as a result of the melting( this is true for the sulphur reinforced organic manure).
  •  It transforms the iron in the soil in a way that the plant can receive.
  • Toprakta bulunan demiri bitkinin alabileceği şekle dönüştürür.

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