The Advantages of the Rotary Lobe Pump

Loblu Gübre Pompasının Avantajları

Vogelsang pumps are designed for pumping the liquids which have a high intensity of solid content. Placed a few meters away from the manure pit, it is not a submersible pump and do not drop into the manure. It is sufficient to put the sucking hose into the manure pit.

The pumpcan suck the solid-liquid manure from a pit of 8 meters depth. It doesn’t require a check valve on the sucking line. There is no need to fill the hose with water in order to start the pump.

It’s possible to drive the pump withthe electric motor or the tractor axle depending on requirement. It can be used in as stationary or used as mobile as well. It is also possible to discharge several manure pits with a single pump.

It is carried behind the tractor on a three-point linkage or the trailer. It can be assable up on the manure tanker.

The stone catcher attached to the suction port of the pump protects it and stops large materials to enter the pump. The rotary lobe pumps are able to transfer the straw, bale wires and even the solid pieces of 6 cm diameter that might be found in the liquid that’s transferred.

While the centrifugal type pumps work at 1500 revolutions per minute, the lobe pumps work at between 300 and 500 revolutions, which is almost third times slower. Therefore it has a longer lifetime.

It generates much more pressure compared to the centrifugal pumps. There’re models availablethat can pump the manure to miles away.

It can work dryfor couple of hours when there is no manure in the pit. It will not get damaged in a short while.

It is the best solution for transferring the solid-liquid manure.

There is no chanceof the manure to enter into the electric motor since the lobe pumps are not drop into the manure. The pump stays clean and the maintenance takes a very short time.

The manure pump can be used even in barns built without taking certain precautions and concrete pits that have been closed.

The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted if it’s used with the speed control unit (frequency converter). It is also possible to pump the solid manure at a low speed and the liquid manure at a high speed.

The flow rate is almost the same even if the level of the manure in the pit decreases. The pump capacity is always the same no matter whether the pit has a 1 meter or 8 meters depth.

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