Organik Gübre Nedir?

Manure is the substance which contains the required minerals for the plant nutrition and enables the plants to be nourished by the soil in an easier way by regulating the physical and chemical structure of the soil. Organic manure is the manure made up of animal waste, fossils and similar natural ways.

The excessive increase in the use of nitrogenous manure in agriculture has caused cancer risk for the people who eat food produced this way, due to the nitrate and nitrite increase in the food. Chemical manure is banned in many European countries.

The pesticides and artificial manure used to kill the apple worms harm not only the worms but also other bugs, birds and some beneficial microorganisms.

The organic manure gives resistance to the soil and the plants through the compounds it contains. It increases the yield. However, today there are different products used in our country so we strictly recommend you to do the Soil Analysis before using organic manure since different types of soil have different requirements.

According to the research conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture through 140.000 soil analyses excluding the Black Sea Shores and North Thrace (regions with high rainfall rates), it has been confirmed that the soil of Turkey has high rates of marl and Ph and it is very poor in organic substances. It has also been confirmed that some regions are rich in Phosphorus and Potassium but they cannot be received. Regarding the trace elements, it has been found out that Iron and Zinc is lacking as well.

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